Live String Quartet vs Recorded Music or DJ for a Special Event

Live String QuartetNothing beats the personal touch of live music!  Your guests can enjoy the beauty and sound that only live music can create, plus they can interact with the musicians.  No matter how good the stereo or the sound system, live music will always sound better than recorded music.  Live music will make your event like no other as live music can be personalized just for you.  Live music can be performed to suit just you and your guests – it’s not a one size fits all playlist.  Nothing recorded can replace the energy and rich sound of live music.  With a live string quartet, there is no need for electricity and a string quartet requires very little in the way of set-up – only chairs and minimal space.  If you are planning music for a special event such as a wedding, a live string quartet can play exactly the amount of music needed whether a large wedding or a small intimate back yard setting.  The volume of a string quartet is perfect for your guests to visit.  No one will be shouting at each other in order to be heard.  A live string quartet works great for an event attended by guests of all ages.  We all know that older people sometimes get annoyed with loud recorded music.  A live string quartet will satisfy guests from all age groups.  People love to become involved with live musicians.  They love to watch the way the music is made, the technique the musicians use to produce the sound and people love to talk to the musicians to find out if the musicians can play that one special request.

None of your guests will comment about the wonderful CDs being played.  But they sure will compliment you for your great choice of live musicians.  Live music versus recorded music?  No contest!

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